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Premium mikrofiberkluter (300 gsm)Premium mikrofiberkluter (300 gsm)
Premium mikrofiberkluter (300 gsm) Sale priceFrom €7,11
All Fishscale colour cloths together Fishscale mikrofiberglasskluter - pakke med 10 stk
Mikrofiberglass/vinduskluter - pakke med 10 stkMikrofiberglass/vinduskluter - pakke med 10 stk
Pack of 36 - Microfibre Seamless terry cloths in Grey & YellowMicrofibre Seamless Cloth In Grey up close
Pack of 36 Seamless Fleece in Grey & YellowClose up image of Microfibre Seamless Fleece in Grey
All 3 Sizes of Microfibre Heavyweight Cloths/Towels 80 x 60 cm Microfibre Heavyweight Towel
EcoWipes - Generelle mikrofiberkluter - Pakke med 10 stkEcoWipes - Generelle mikrofiberkluter - Pakke med 10 stk
50 gjenbrukbare mikrofiberservietter50 gjenbrukbare mikrofiberservietter
All Pearl Knit Seamless Cloths In Purple, Dark Blue, Red & BlackUp close image of Seamless Pearl Knit in Black
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All Colours, Disposable Non-woven Microfibre Wipes on a Roll Blue Disposable Non-woven Microfibre Wipes on a Roll
Engangsmikrofiberservietter på rull - 125 ark Sale priceFrom €6,85 Regular price€9,54
Both Sizes of Waffle Cloth in BlueUp Close image of waffle weave in blue
Vaffelkluter (300 gsm) Sale priceFrom €9,84
Single Weft Weave cloth in Yellow
Optical Quality Glass Cloth With Wine Glass Glasskluter av optisk kvalitet (320 gsm)
Single Terry Cloth/Towel in Dark Blue  Single Terry Towel in Dark Blue
Microfibre Window Glass Cloth with Scourer Up close image of Microfibre Window Glass Cloth Scourer part
All Colours of Silver Nitrate Multi-purpose Cloths in Green, Yellow, Red & Dark BlueUp Close up image of Red Silver Nitrate Cloth
Navy Blue Suede Microfibre Cloth Up Close Navy Blue Suede Microfibre Cloth
Two Microfibre Face Cloth In Purple & Grey Up Close pIcture of the Grey microfibre face cloth
Mikrofiber ansiktsklut Sale priceFrom €3,00
Whisper soft cloths in Purple & Grey, 20 x 20 cm and 40 x 40 cmUp close image of whisper soft in Grey
Whisper Soft Cloths (300 gsm) Sale priceFrom €2,60