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Premium Microfibre Cloths (300 gsm)Premium Microfibre Cloths (300 gsm)
Premium Microfibre Cloths (300 gsm) Sale priceFrom €7,11
All Fishscale colour cloths together Fishscale Microfibre Glass Cloths - Pack of 10
Microfibre Glass/Window Cloths - Pack of 10Microfibre Glass/Window Cloths - Pack of 10
Pack of 36 - Microfibre Seamless terry cloths in Grey & YellowMicrofibre Seamless Cloth In Grey up close
On sale
All Colours, Disposable Non-woven Microfibre Wipes on a Roll Blue Disposable Non-woven Microfibre Wipes on a Roll
Disposable Microfibre Wipes on a Roll - 125 Sheets Sale priceFrom €6,85 Regular price€9,54
EcoWipes - General Purpose Microfibre Cloths - Pack of 10EcoWipes - General Purpose Microfibre Cloths - Pack of 10
Extendable Mop HandlesExtendable Mop Handles
Extendable Mop Handles Sale price€10,55
All Microfibre Damp Mop Colours & SizesLarge Microfibre Damp Mops In Red, Blue & Green
Microfibre Damp Mop Heads Sale priceFrom €4,48
All 3 Sizes of our Mop Bases
Mop Bases Sale priceFrom €7,43
Black Mop Pad Cushions (Twin Pack)
bent Interior Mop Tool with blue mop sleeve Interior Mop Tool with blue mop sleeve
Cleaning Duster Sale priceFrom €1,72
Microfibre Window Glass Cloth with Scourer Up close image of Microfibre Window Glass Cloth Scourer part
Carpet Bonnet (Hand Use)
Carpet Bonnets (Hand Use) Sale price€8,04
Microfibre Carpet Scrubbing Pad in white and green
Microfibre Carpet Scrubbing Pad Sale priceFrom €16,22
Microfibre Supersoft Mitt in GreyUp Close image of Microfibre Super soft mitt
Navy Blue Suede Microfibre Cloth Up Close Navy Blue Suede Microfibre Cloth
White Disposable Woven Microfibre Mops
Complete Mop Set in Blue Complete Mop Set in green
Mop Sets Sale priceFrom €27,54
Black Fringe Mop
Fringe Mops Sale priceFrom €4,59
Interior Mop Sleeve in blue Interior Mop Sleeve with mop tool
Interior Mop Sleeves Sale price€1,72
Microfibre Dry Mop head in Green
Microfibre Dry Mops Sale priceFrom €5,70

Reviews From Our UK Store

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Tracy Hudson


Absolutely brilliant cloths would recommend to anyone they do what they say brilliant

Martyn Roach


Excellent quality, fast delivery, all very good.

Pete Watson

The Best

Have used other brands and this is far the best so far



Soft, exactly as described and ideal for what I needed.

Clive Sanders

Excellent Quality

Super fast delivery and excellent quality product. Thanks

Scott Kirby


Exceptional quality cloths, the absorption is incredible.